ONV attracts and attracts talents by relying on its purposes and culture, achievements and opportunities, policies and treatment. In recruitment and recruitment, we provide equal opportunities for the use, cultivation and development of talents in accordance with the principle of two-way selection.


Our principle of assessment is fair, open and selective. In the process of recruitment and examination, we should adhere to the opening of post vacancy and post requirements and the fair assessment standards and assessment procedures; introduce the competition mechanism in the process of assessment, strictly enforce the company's employment standards, and select the best employment under the same conditions.


The company's staff training system is committed to building a learning organization, promoting the use of staff and learning, constantly improving their skills, thereby enhancing their performance.


Career development channel: we provide employees with dual career paths for management and professional development. Employees can design practical career development channels for themselves according to their own characteristics and business development, and gradually realize the career development plan by continuously improving their own working ability.