Colorful activities

Caring measures

◆ Purchase national statutory social insurance for employees to enable employees to participate in the social security system, eliminating worries;
◆ Establish a training system to encourage employees to “learn from work and work afterwards,” and strive to create opportunities for talent growth and the stage to display their talents;
◆ Create a good work, study and living environment for employees to enable them to work and grow in a relaxed, pleasant and harmonious environment;
◆ Provide plenty of rest and holidays, in addition to national holidays and weekends, the company provides paid annual leave for nearly half a month;
◆ Provide sufficient promotion opportunities. The vacancies of the company's high positions are preferred from the company's employees;
◆ Actively carry out recreational activities to provide employees with a variety of leisure life.

Corporate welfare

  • Remuneration

    We provide employees with competitive compensation in the industry and pay adjustments based on market salary levels and employee performance each year.

  • Paid vacation

    In addition to state-sanctioned statutory holidays such as public holidays, marriage leave, and maternity leave

  • Year-end awards

    In order to allow employees to share the company’s operating performance, we provide year-end bonuses for employees at the end of the year. The bonus amount is linked to the company’s turnover growth.

  • Holiday activities

    In the national legal holidays and some traditional festivals, employees are given holiday expenses or gifts to celebrate. Every year, it provides funding for various departments to meet the needs of department travel

  • Social insurance

    In accordance with state regulations, we purchase pension insurance, medical insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance。

  • Recreation activities

    Each year, recreational activities such as anniversary celebrations, Chinese New Year banquets, outdoor development trainings, birthday parties, sports events, etc.

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