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ONV and Forward-Thinking Protect Heilongjiang Vocational Institute Ecological Engineering

ONV and Forward-Thinking Protect Heilongjiang Vocational Institute Ecological Engineering

Heilongjiang Vocational Institute Ecological Engineering is located in Harbin, China, which covers an area of 237,600 square meters and building area of 79,551 square meters, more than 20 modern multimedia classrooms, the language labs, computer labs, departments, restaurants and library etc., which is demand for a wide scope of HD monitoring coverage over 518 places.

Requirement for Data Transmission System

1. To avoid problems caused by limited switching capacity or poor switch performance of traditional network communication system, such as video and signal packet losses and un smooth video transmission etc.

2. Eliminate the problem of deploying separate power system on each terminal device.

3. A powerful switching function core switch is needed for the solution to provide data transmission for CCTV sever.

4. A managed switch in access layer is required, which supports loop detection, port isolation, VLAN management and other functions.

5. It is necessary to divert traffic flow to different terminals of the Intranet;

6. Web management is required for switches in the important part of Intranet.

7. The layer 3 core switch is required.

8. Need to provide fiber port for aggregation to data transmission.

ONV Solution

1. From access layer, aggregation layer to core layer, choose ONV switch series, special for video transmission, which is full of the features of large data processing ability, store and forward which can support the line speed forward efficiency, big buffer design, priority mechanism of video streams transmission, transmission for long frame and data traffic management etc. With above switches, it improves whole system’s performance to huge amounts of video and data transmission.

2. Choose ONV PoE switch for access layer, it simplifies the complicated power supply structures, no need to equip power supply to terminal devices. What’s more, it shortens the project construction lead time and saves the cost. And also can improve the system stability, safety and energy saving efficiency etc.

3. Model details for access layer, 16/24*PoE ports + 2*gigabit fiber ports PoE switch. Then use the gigabit fiber port to aggregation from access layer to aggregation layer. And use 10G fiber port to aggregation from aggregation layer to core layer. Choose ONV 24*Gigabit fiber ports + 4*10G fiber ports full fiber ports series switch as the aggregation switch and 24*10/100/1000M RJ45 ports + 4*10G fiber ports Layer 3 Managed switch as the core switch. The layout of whole campus video monitoring network transmission adopts fiber cable, and the switch is suggested to choose fiber switch to reduce the use of the fiber media converter. It also reduces the failure node and improves system efficiency.

4. All ONV aggregation switch and core switch support smart web management, looped network detection, port dynamic aggregation, MSTP and broadcast storm relieving etc.

ONV Product Introduction

Layer 3 Managed 10G Core Switch: ONV38028FM.

  • 24*10/100/1000M RJ45 ports + 4*10G SFP+ ports.
  • L3 Switching features, including Static route, Default route, ARP, VLAN, TRUNK, Mirroring, Port isolation/flow control/speed limit, Storm control,  QOS, ACLs etc.
  • Support spanning tree STP, RSTP and MSTP.
  • Jumbo frames support up to 9.6K kilobytes.
  • Support enhanced management through WEB, CLI, TELNET, SNMP.
  • Switching capacity: 598Gbps
  • Buffer Memory: 96M
  • MAC Address: 32K
  • Support cable diagnosis 
  • Visual web management, simple maintenance

Full Fiber Port Aggregation Switch: ONV36032FM

  • 32-Port Full Fiber Aggregation Switch, 24*gigabit fiber ports + 4*10/100/1000M RJ45 ports + 4*10G fiber ports.
  • L2+. With high performance management system, including VLAN based on port, VLAN based on 802.1Q, QOS, IGMP Snooping, RSTP, Broadcast Storm Restraint, Port
  • Aggregation, Port mirroring, Port management, SNMP, RADIUS and NTP etc.
  • Optical Standard: 100BASE-FX, 1000BASE-X
  • Switching Capacity: 368Gbps
  • Buffer Memory: 32Mb
  • MAC Address Table: 32K
  • Support dynamic/ static binding for IP, MAC, VLAN, Port and other elements usersdefinition
  • Support STP (802.1D) & RSTP (802.1w)

PoE Switch Model in access layer: ONV-POE31024PFB

  • 24*10/100M RJ45 ports + 2*gigabit combo TP/SFP ports.
  • Can supply power to wireless AP and IP Camera through Cat.5 cables.
  • Support Auto MDI/ MDIX.
  • Support anti-thunder to port(AC power port: Differential mode + / -2kv, common mode + / -4kv)
  • Switching Capacity: 8.8Gbps
  • Buffer Memory: 2.75M
  • MAC Address: 4K
  • Total power: 400W.
  • IEEE802.3af/at, max PoE power output is 30W.
  • Store and forward, support, line-speed forwarding.

System Advantages

1. Smart network L2/L3 management, smart software control

2. High Stability

Adopt solid capacitance, unleaded SMT line, anti-surge @ 8KV, wide temperature range adaptability. Meet 7 x 24 hours of uninterrupted work demand

3. High configuration of top-level smart PoE power supply system

Using the military level smart PoE chip set, smart power supply of the PoE full-protocol includes detection, classification, monitoring, protection, dual-mode power supply, and 24 PoE ports with 400W.

4. Special "big buffer" intelligent scheduling fluid design for Security

Eliminate video carton, configure the big buffer, store and forward mechanism to guarantee the data security of the line speed forward efficiency.


ONV provides a complete solution of HD video transmission and overfulfils the task for a high efficient, smooth, controllable, easy manageable monitoring system. Also ONV’s equipment has stood up really well to the harsh environmental challenges of vibration, dust and changing temperatures

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