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Agency Policy

In order to regulate the current deep security market behavior, in order to increase marketing efforts, maintain the position and interests of agents to further promote product sales, we specially draw up this policy.

1. Principle of cooperation

Fair and uniform, complement each other all win

2. Sales model

To shorten distribution channels, reduce intermediate links, easy to manage and minimize costs, for partners to provide maximum growth and profit margins, Optical Network Video Technologies adopts agencies focus on market expansion. Currently, the sales agents channel of our products has become a subject of marketing sales channel.

3. The agent's eligibility requirements and responsibilities

(1). Independent legal entity. Trade and Industry Bureau registered "scope" to include security, communications product sales, security, communications technology services and so on.

(2).There is a separate office space, become our agents, the need to provide exclusive venue showcase our products and display promotional materials, and have the responsible person.
(3). Has at least 1 year experience in the business, and has a good corporate image. With system integration and solution sales experience.
(4). Agree to actively sell our products, and actively cooperate with developed market. With a complete company organizational structure, and is committed to selling our products sales and service teams.
(5). Business concentrated in the security market. Has a stable customer base, and has a deep understanding to the customers.
(6). In the Security Communications products, to sell my company products mainly.
(7). Comply our products channel business specifications. When several competition ,  accept the accept the coordination of our  products quotation
(8).Regularly participate in our company’s marketing activities, promotional activities and related training.
(9). Press Agency Agreement, commissioned by ONV to offer technical support and after-sales service to the local users or contractors.
(10). Press Agency Agreement, the term of the agreement (one year) complete the required sales.
(11). And if agreement can not be completed during the period sales, our company according to the specific contract to handle.

4. Agents enjoy the rights and interests

(A) The agents may obtain technical support from ONV :

(1). Product technical training.
(2). Complete solutions and tenders such as the production assistance.
(3). Project implementation and maintenance solutions help.
(4).24-hour real-time technical advice received (telephone, telex, online consulting, etc.).
(5).24-hour service hotline market, ready to provide a variety of markets.

(B) The agents can obtain Market Support from ONV:  

(1). Free access to market information resources.
(2). Marketing campaigns and product advertising support.
(3). Market assessment assistance and continuous improvement recommendations.

5. The Rights and interests guarantee of the Agents 

(1). ONV provides high quality communications products;

(2). Increase marketing efforts, establish a strong brand image;
(3). In principle, ONV does not supply directly to the local terminal customers.

6. Agents promise

My company has a strict zoning policy, all dealers or individuals, are only in their access to qualified regional distribution operations, shall not be cross-selling, otherwise they would have considered changing commodity.

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