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Optical Network Video (ONV) campus security monitoring system solution for a smart campus!

Optical Network Video's security surveillance campus solution is aimed at the research of video surveillance systems in smart campuses, which can effectively improve campus science management and secu


PoE Switch


With the development of education in China, the scale of the school has been expanding, the density of students has been concentrated, and the degree of school openness and logistics services have become higher and higher. Improving school district security protection and responding to sudden group incidents and reducing school violence have become key tasks. Optical Network Video's security surveillance campus solution is aimed at the research of video surveillance systems in smart campuses, which can effectively improve campus science management and security.


Project Introduction

The Affiliated Secondary School of NUA is affiliated to Nanjing University of the Arts. It is located in Nanjing University of the Arts. It was founded in 1958, with 25,000 square meters and 20 classes. It has complete modern teaching and living facilities. The video surveillance system of the optical network has been stationed on the campus one after another, becoming an important technical means for the campus to do a good job in campus security.


PoE Switch


Background Needs

Due to the increasing number of people and vehicles entering and leaving the campus, in order to ensure the safety and safety of students' personal and property, video surveillance systems, vehicle management systems, alarm management systems have emerged. Combined with the comprehensive supervision platform of the smart campus, the comprehensive and comprehensive supervision of the entire campus is realized.the comprehensive problem of security systems has become a serious injury in the process of use. As more and more subsystems are built, each subsystem operates independently and controls, and the information island phenomenon is serious, and the problem gradually emerges.


PoE Switch


Campus Security Monitoring Solution

The scheme system combines intelligent management methods, uses intelligent analysis technology, and simultaneously uses video surveillance system, vehicle management system, access control management system and alarm management system to comprehensively manage people, vehicles and objects inside and outside the campus, and change passive monitoring to take the initiative. Defense, the central management platform can also integrate other security systems in colleges and universities to achieve information sharing, unified linkage, and improve the overall security management level of the campus.

The transmission architecture is the "neural network" of the network monitoring system. To ensure the bandwidth requirements of image transmission and real-time storage, the network video surveillance system should use a dedicated network, with gigabit fiber as the backbone, 100M access, and reserve for the future. Mega expansion capability. The monitoring center sets up the core switch to aggregate all video data of each area and the sub-control center.


PoE Switch


Topology architecture

A star topology network is adapted to implement a two-layer architecture, and simple topology enhances system stability.

Switching capacity configuration

The access layer adopts a Gigabit backplane, and a large cache PoE power supply switch to set up the highest configuration switching capacity link

Link medium

The access layer links are all based on the principle of proximity, using CAT6 network cable connection and transmission, and then connected to each unit aggregation switch through the uplink port of each power supply switch, reducing multi-level series, convenient for the entire system after completion Management and maintenance.

Device configuration

The access layer adopts Optical Network Video (ONV) commercial series 8/24 ports gigabit PoE fiber switch as the backbone, and 8/18/28 ports gigabit security PoE power supply switch access.


Application Product

Commercial Series PoE Switch


PoE Switch


Flexible interface design, large switching capacity, non-blocking architecture design

Adopt enterprise-class Ethernet switch chip solution, comply with IEEE 802.3 10BASE-T, IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX, IEEE 802.3ab 1000BASE-T, IEEE 802.3z international standard.

Adopting Microsemi's military-grade smart Ethernet power supply chip solution, the entire protocol implements IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at international standards;

Highly reliable network performance design, strong anti-interference ability, ensuring reliable data transmission;

Port anti-surge protection 4KV, power input port anti-surge protection common mode 6KV;

IP30 protection, galvanized steel metal casing;

Desktop/19-inch cabinet installation

Each port can support non-blocking wire-speed forwarding, and the transmission is smoother;

Store and forward working mode (linear speed can be reached within 64~1536 frame length);

Passed CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS certification testing

Product insurance for China Taiping product insurance, Ethernet power supply promises never burn out access device, quality assurance, lifetime maintenance;

Network transmission performance optimization design, Cat.5e UTP can easily achieve signal transmission within 100 meters; Gigabit uplink SFP fiber port, easy to connect.

The ONV's products have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, strictly control the production process of the products, and the products are stable and reliable.

The PoE transmission industry's largest manufacturer, technical support and after-sales service is reliable and worry-free.

The host has low power consumption, active cooling design of the fan, galvanized steel and metal casing, and excellent heat dissipation to ensure stable operation of the product.

Security Ethernet Switch


Ethernet Switch


Comply with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3X, IEEE802.3ab, IEEE802.3z network protocol standards;

Provide a port status LED indicator to display the connection status in real time;

Support 10/100/1000M full-duplex, half-duplex auto-negotiation;

Support automatic flip; use store-and-forward mode; no blocking, full line rate scheme

Cache intelligent scheduling mechanism, port transmission capability is stronger, more flexible, and enjoy stable high-speed network;

IP30 protection, galvanized steel metal case

Passed CCC, CE, FCC, RoHS product certification

The ONV's products have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, strictly control the production process of the products, and the products are stable and reliable.

Low-power design, energy saving, and environmental protection; resistance to falling, anti-interference, good heat dissipation, effectively extending the service life

All ports can support line-speed forwarding, large backplane, large-capacity cache design, guarantee monitoring video, data 7*24 hours stable and smooth without dropping;

Support plug and play, no configuration required; support desktop / 19-inch cabinet installation;


Program Advantage

Transmission monitoring features

For the high-definition video surveillance system, the video stream enters the PoE switch from IP camera, and the traffic direction is from the bottom to the top. The data packet is transmitted in long messages and bursts. This difference provides a cache allocation management mechanism to make the PoE switch downlink. The number of bursts supported by the uplink port is increased, and the probability of transmitting the problem is reduced. The security monitoring service fault location component is supported, and the packet loss and connectivity problems in the network are analyzed in real time.

Professional lightning protection

The professional built-in lightning protection technology supports the industry-leading 4KV port lightning protection capability, which can greatly reduce the damage rate of lightning strikes on devices in harsh working environments.

The link can support full line rate transmission

All ports of the optical network Video (ONV) commercial series switch can support full line rate forwarding, and customers can realize the convenient connection and expansion of the network without being affected by the transmission medium. The large backplane and the large cache switching chip solution are preferably used to improve the large file forwarding rate, and can effectively solve the problems of video jamming and picture loss in the high-definition monitoring environment.

Efficient, stable and green energy saving

A variety of green energy-saving designs, such as auto-power-down, If the interface status is always “down” for a period of time, the system automatically stops powering the interface and automatically enters the energy-saving mode. Supports one-button energy-saving mode, reducing energy consumption by controlling the indicator light on/off and port energy-saving status. The EEE energy-saving function is supported. If the port is idle for a period of time, the system will set the port to the power-saving mode. When a packet is sent or received, the port will wake up the port and resume the service.


PoE Switch


Campus security carries the hope of the country and the family. Maintaining the safety and stability of the campus is an important guarantee for building a harmonious society. The Optical Network Video regards the campus security monitoring system to provide standardized, professional, information, institutionalized, data-based and intelligent security work methods for the campus, and promotes integrated management of school teaching management, student dormitory management, and campus security. Help schools to create a “safe campus” and build a secure campus barrier.