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ONV-IPS33148PFM 14-port Industrial PoE Switch Review

At present, security surveillance monitoring system has been gradually upgraded to network surveillance system.

At present, security surveillance monitoring system has been gradually upgraded to network surveillance system. The former analog surveillance system can not meet the development of world science and technology. And network surveillance monitoring will become mainstream of surveillance systems.


But for network surveillance, some problems come, such as packet loss caused by insufficient switch bandwidth, difficulty of IP cameras power supply wiring, insufficient power supply, inconvenient equipment installation , not adapt to harsh environment, and so on. These problems become a constraint to the development of network surveillance. Especially in industrial environments, network system must have excellent reliability, recover-ability, and maintainability, to ensure it will not cause failure of operating system, applications, or even the collapse of the whole network system. 


Based on above concerns, ONV Technology Co.,Ltd launched its self-developed 14-port Industrial PoE Swithch(ONV-IPS33148PFM), which has better networking properties than ordinary commercial switches, such as supporting industry ring networking, DIN rail mounting, power redundancy, safety and energy saving, strong resistant to interference , high or low temperature resistance, shockproof characteristic, etc. Following we will take a deep look to this excellent industrial PoE switch.


Ports of 14-port Industrial PoE Switch


ONV 14-port Industrial Power-over-Ethernet(PoE) Switch, port 1-8 support PoE, auto-detect powered device(PD), all gigabit ports support wide bandwidth and long distance transmission.


Size and Panel Display



In appearance, the ONV IPS33148PFM Series Industrial PoE switches made of sturdy stainless steel case, giving expression of cold domineering, rectangular and DIN rail design for easy installation and deployment in a variety of industrial application environments. Size of this switch is 165x 145x 45mm, the volume is small while ports are rich.


About ports, this ONV-IPS33148PFM has 10 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports, and 4 gigabit SFP slots. Among them, 8 RJ45 ports support PoE, which provide power and data transmission to various IP cameras, wireless AP, VoIP phone and other PoE-supported devices. It is compatible with both IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3af international Power-over-Ethernet standard. Each PoE port can intelligently auto-detect AF or AT powered device(PD). Max power of single PoE port can be up to 30W, which can meet power requirement of most industrial devices.  


Inside Construction and Configuration


Regard the configuration, ONV-IPS33148PFM industrial PoE switch follows industrial design specifications, using the international mainstream of industrial-grade high-performance CPU and industrial power supply module, which can easily ensure switch’s industrial quality. Back-plane bandwidth is up to 52Gbps, using store and forward mechanisms, and supports full wire-speed forwarding. It also support any high-resolution network video signal transmit in full load but still smoothly. It allows network transmission say goodbye to "lagging era", and let high-definition video transmission goes smoothly.


PoE Chip



Excellent PoE chip solution is the first standard to enhance the level of PoE switches. ONV-IPS33148PFM industrial PoE switch is carrying the brand of Microsemi chip which produced from PowerDsine company in Israel, the most advanced PoE chip in the world. And PowerDsine was merged to Microsemi Microsemi in 2007. With this top-rated PoE chip, ONV-IPS33148PFM industrial PoE switch can easily offer users intelligent power management, including auto-detecting PDs and their required power, giving stepped-boost voltage supply, power network line real-time monitoring, and other features that determined by this core chip.


Remarkable things about IPS33148PFM Series Industrial PoE Switch

So as an most useful industrial network tool, ONV IPS33148PFM Series Industrial PoE switch,  what other value can it provides for corporate clients comparing to commercial normal switches?


DIN rail installation 


It is well known that desktop or rack installation is common for commercial normal switches.  They generally can be superimposed in the corner of the room or placed in a cabinet. But facing a more complex production sit, commercial normal devices can not fit small space, or more flexible installation requirements. As industrial switch, ONV Industrial PoE switches come with compact design, equipped with a rail bolt, screw slot. So it is suitable for DIN rail-mounted, allowing the device to quickly deployed in a variety of systems.


Ring Technology Application & Powerful Management Function


For efficient management, the ONV-IPS33148PFM supports enhanced management through WEB, CLI, TELNET, SSH, SNMP. With the built-in web-based management interface, this switch offers an easy-to-use, platform-independent management and configuration facility. By supporting the standard SNMP, the switch can be managed via any standard management software. For text-based management, the switch can be accessed via Telnet. Moreover, it also offers secure remote management by supporting SSH, SSL and SNMP v3 connections which encrypt the packet content at each session.


This ONV-IPS33148PFM supports ring network application, which is very useful for industrial application. Ring networking allows long-distance transmission between multiple place points. PoE switches can be linked as a ring. Data transmission is inter-working with each point. So data can keep transmitting even if one point is down. This redundant Ring technology protects your industrial network connectivity from interruptions and outside intrusions with its strong and rapid self-recovery capability.


Redundant Power - Double Insurance


In order to ensure the stable operation of industrial networks, ONV IPS33148PFM Series Industrial PoE switches also support redundant dual power supply. Dual Power system avoid  network down by power off . When one channel power fail, the other power channel can work to ensure ensure the normal operation of the switch. So it will not impact industrial productivity.


Reliable Hardened Design Protection, Fanless Design, Wide Operating Temperature Range


All kinds of dust has been a threat to the normal operation of electronic equipment or even "killer" to its service life. In a complex industrial environment, traditional device whether it is with a fan, or vents of the fuselage, will face problem of dust intrusion to impact equipment cooling and components aging.


In order to enhance the stability, ONV IPS33148PFM Series Industrial PoE switch is fanless, eliminating the vents on the housing construction. In instead, it use Integrated molding stainless steel shell with a large number of fins to help cooling. Meanwhile, the internal structure of the switch has been optimized, to lower power consumption of processing chip while still meet the data exchange rate. 


This industrial PoE switch is covered with rugged high-strength case to keep away from harmful situations. Furthermore, it has wide operation temperature range from -40 ~ 75 Degree C, to adapt to extreme harsh industrial environment. 



ONV Industrial PoE switches specially designed to support multicast filtering for improving security. This switch will detect and determine the data frame when switching. It will start filtering when detects a broadcast packet, then data will not be forwarded. So it will not affect the entire system. Common switches generally do not has this function. So once the multicast happens, the entire system will be paralyzed. And hackers can easily hack network camera video signal, which brings great risk to the entire security system.


Compatible with All Types of Network Security Surveillance Cameras


ONV Industrial PoE Switch is perfectly compatible with network IP cameras in the market. First, for PoE feature, ONV Industrial PoE Switch is compatible with international PoE standards IEEE802.3at and IEEE802.3af. Default power supply method is end span (1236 power supply) , in line with the current PoE function setting of Hikvision, Dahua, Axis, Bosch, Samsung, WAPA, Jingyang and other IP cameras. Perfect fit! Second, about data communication capabilities, it has higher requirements for industrial security surveillance system in switch throughput and latency. Besides, fluency of video transmission is also an important factor for networking surveillance system. ONV IPS33148PFM industrial PoE switch has excellent performance in above 2 points.


Summary: ONV-IPS33148PFM 14-port Industrial PoE switch, is the first choice of industrial networking


Through the above series of targeted practical test and review, we can see that ONV Industrial PoE switches offer high reliability and security to ensure continuous industrial operation in harsh environments such as factory floors, outdoors, or other places at extreme temperatures. With low-cost and high-performance, ONV Industrial PoE switches is the first choice of industrial networking. As a result of applying ONV Industrial Ethernet products and solution, users will acquire greater gains in security, efficiency, expediency and work quality.


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