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Alibaba P4P Commissioner(Working location: Futian District)

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Alibaba P4PCommissioner(Workinglocation:FutianDistrict)1.Responsibleforproductuploadingandkeywordoptimizationofthecompany'sAlibabainternationalstation.2.ResponsibleforP4Pdataanalysis,keywordbidadjustm

Alibaba P4P Commissioner(Working location: Futian District)


1. Responsible for product uploading and keyword optimization of the company's Alibaba international station.

2. Responsible for P4P data analysis, keyword bid adjustment.

3. Analysis and optimization of website products and keywords.

4. Monitor and provide statistical data of operational data (marketing data, transaction data, commodity management, customer management) every week, explore hidden internal problems, and propose solutions in a targeted manner.

5. Responsible for all operations of Alibaba International Station (product shelves, product page editing, optimization, maintenance and decoration shops, station promotion work)

6.Optimize the decoration layout and product templates of Wangpu, and improve the click rate, page views and conversion rate of stores and products.