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Foreign trade salesman

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Foreigntradesalesman (Workingplace:FutianDistrict) 1.Abilitytoindependentlyanalyzeproductcompositionandgiveaccuratequotes.2.MainlyresponsibleforAlibabaInternationalStationwebsitemaintenance,productupl

Foreign trade salesman (Working place: Futian District)


1. Ability to independently analyze product composition and give accurate quotes.

2. Mainly responsible for Alibaba International Station website maintenance, product upload, inquiry reply, customer tracking, etc., attending the exhibition with the company to face the interview client.

3. According to the quality of the inquiry and the level of the customer, to achieve targeted tracking and maintenance.

4. Learn to analyze the marketing data of the backstage of Ali website, quickly adjust the strategy and improve the overall quality of the Ali platform.

5. Analyze competitors, grasp market trends and changes, and develop feasible solutions for improvement.

6. Can communicate with foreign customers by mail, telephone, or face-to-face, using email, Skype, WhatsApp, Google, LinkedIn and other software to independently develop customers.

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